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Thread: How to do IR photography with SLR?

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    Default How to do IR photography with SLR?

    As above. My Sigma 20mm/f1.8 manual says this lens can do IR but how? Can I shoot IR effect with DSLR?

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    I think most digital cams can detect the NIR. Do a test to see if you can pick NIR up.

    There are a few threads here explaining how and there are some websites totally on digital and film IR photography, do'nt have the links at my workplace comp but i'll see if i can find them in my book marks when i get back home.

    You'll probably need to borrow or purchase an IR filter first to try it out.

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    for a film SLR, do check your manual first. some SLRs (like the Dynax 7) use an IR frame counter sensor that will fog IR film.


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