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Thread: Dance performance at Sentosa's Musical Fountain

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    Default Dance performance at Sentosa's Musical Fountain

    harlo, CSers! fyi, there will be a dance performance at Sentosa's musical fountain this coming Sun. time, i think, will be from 4pm till last light. the dances are put up by 3 schools. its scheduled to end just b4 the laser show at the fountain.

    i'll be there covering my wife's school's performance. just thot i share the info, in case anyone wants to shoot a few pics! best of all, its free (unless u count the admission charges to sentosa)!
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    I have been shooting...I think 8 dances liaos. LOL

    This perforance is for the month of April and the last weekends will be JC performance. The others should be secondary school.

    At 4pm+, they will be there to do blocking of the area and rehearsals. After which they should proceed to do the final make up and touch up. They will be back at about 6pm. The actual performance start from 6.30 -6.45pm and ends at about 7.20pm (depending on how many dances on that day).

    You can only shoot from the side. THe center is blocked (unlessyou have an official pass). Flash photography is allowed.

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    I have shot 12 schools so far..........will be going for more.

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    Actually for the whole of this month, every weekend ie sat and sun. There will be dances put up by schoools. Can chech sentosa website for more details.
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    Too lazy to go each, so I just go on days which I find the schools are quite good one.

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    Just to give some ideas what can be expected there with some pics I took with the outing organised by Crysania and Nivlek. Thanks guys!

    Pardon me for uploading such huge filesized pics.

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    Wow... Thanks for sharing the pics... they are wonderful.


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