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    Hi all,
    Mayb I'm asking a noob question but really need ur advise
    When taking macro pictures, my setting i set to 1/200s, f16, iso200-800 and use internal flash.
    The result is, the background is totally black especially when i take spider on web photos.some sort like the picture below.

    What should i improve? issit an external flash better?

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    Why not read the FAQ in the "Macros and Close-ups" section?

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    With that shutter speed & aperture setting, there is not enough light to light up the bg, hence the dark bg. If you want to light up the bg, fire another flash at the bg.
    In the macro section there are some stickies you should read if you are into macro shooting. Also if you can, do join the macro shoot outings organised by some macro shooters. You can find them in the outing section
    Take the shot!

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    With that kinda setting, ur "killing off" ur ambient light, as ur flash overpower the exisiting light (at such a high shutter duration).. Some reading up will help as suggeted by Rashkae
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