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Thread: Ebay fraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManWearPants View Post
    I sometimes do find buyer/sellers in US to be a PIA, even though they think the rest of the world are the problem.
    They are a PIA, some even sent me a US PERSONAL check! What do they think????? Either plain stupid or they think we can just cash in their checks the same way as in the states (it takes our local banks 1 month to cash it in and cosst us SGD 30-40 per check).......

    No wonder they are so well loved in the rest of the world! They are taught they are the best and the rest of the world should follow them! And owe them some more........


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    Quote Originally Posted by hongsien View Post
    You can just send them the same payment back through Paypal no need to ask them cause you got the item......

    Some sellers have too many things to send out and too many payments to track.......
    Thanks! I just this month start to use Paypal so abit blur on this. But also, I need reason why the refund coz its weird but nonetheless I will pay them. Just kaypo wanna know what happened. Reason bcoz the paypal account is some korean name. While the one that reply to my order when I paid them is ang moh name.
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