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Thread: Get one polar filter or two??

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    Default Re: Get one polar filter or two??

    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    I find UV filters can cause "ghosting" under some indoor lighting conditions with moving objects not sure if anyone else has this experience.
    Yep, I encountered very bad ghostings when I shoot with UV filter, especially when the subject is near to things like lightboxes, neon lights etc. The lights will 'stack' onto the subject you are shooting. Removing away UV filter solves the problem.

    Btw, how much does a clear filter cost? Example, 55mm filter.

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    Default Re: Get one polar filter or two??

    Actually, you need 2 polar filters, 1 for north polar and another for south polar.

    This is because of the effect of the different hemispheres on water, where it turns clockwise and counterclockwise depending on which hemisphere you are shooting in.

    Sorry TS, just kidding.

    A picture a day keeps the blues away!

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