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Thread: Insurance for your equipment

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    Default Insurance for your equipment

    Many people probably don't know this. But you can buy insurance for your equipment from NTUC.

    If you know of a lobang with better rates. Do share it here.

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    Sound interesting but dun know how much wud it cost ??

    Any1 purchased b4 ??
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    Never tried it myself. I forgot all about it, but found it just now when I was cleaning my bookmarks.

    They even insure equipment used for underwater use, add 1% more.

    Extarcted from the site:

    1-year 3.0% of sum insured
    2-year 4.5% of sum insured
    3-year 6.0% of sum insured

    Sum insured is the purchase price of your equipment.

    Documentary proof of purchase is required and your equipment must not be more than 6 months old.

    Example :
    To insure a video camera bought at $3,000, the premium for a 1-year Mobile Equipment Insurance plan is
    = 3.0% x $3,000
    = $90


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