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    Thought of re-exploring the Botanical Gardens this coming Thursday. Aim is to acquire good images of the flowers, birds and insects. Anyone is welcome to join me.
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    Thanks for info. I shall plan to proceed there early in the morning, probably by 0800 hours to avoid the scotching heat of the day.
    I'm doing freelance work at the moment, so time is what I make of it. Also, another reason is that there will be not so many people. Hmmm....have not planned for anything for this Sat yet.

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    snowspeeder: wat equipment r u using to shoot flora?

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    Haven't got any specialized equipement to do macro on the flowers and insects. I only have a F828 and a sturdy tripod. Rather useful though, for it lets me do macro up to as close as 20 mm to the subject at wide angle.

    Last, last call anyone joining for an aventurous morning at the quiet garden tomorrow morning? Can SMS me directly at 91803227.


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