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Thread: Stock photo worthy?

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    You'll never know what the buyer wants. The photo may get used by a buyer who requires such a format. Stock photography market never fails to surprise me.

    The sky itself will make a marketable stock photo with the top part for copy space.

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    umm, thing i learned bout stock image photography, u gotta have images that ppl want/need so u gotta think yourself as a customer, for example.. im a DI artist whos looking for a simple shot of a black MUG taken in a specific angle.. i need the shot to comb into my image, now i dont own a black mug nor could i find it anywhere around me and im in dire need of that shot.. thats when i would search stock image sites for an image stock i could use/buy, so lets talk about the pic u have taken, who would use this picture? hmm.. i was thinking someone who has an image of thier Godzilla toy and wanted a good clean image of an open field and lots of open sky space in one shot to comb the two image together.. quite random i know :P but yea..

    anyways TIP: search through stock image sites for items that is not already taken/posted up.. could be that black mug that i mentioned lol :P taken in many angles.. and hope someone one day may need the shot for open spaces, be creative.. for example, take a closet room shot ( similar to that carlsberg or was it heineken commercial that had the guys screaming LOL ) and clear the space in between , some guy in this world might need that shot to comb in shirts/shoes on the sides and add a person or two in the middle of that closer, make sure ur shot is clean and clear ofcourse there ya go.. just some ideas

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    If you're talking about microstock, then perhaps yes, there might be people who would buy the image Depending on the site, some microstock agencies prefer slightly more saturated colours and others not so much so perhaps you need to look through the images posted by other people, or check out the most popular images

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    " I would like to sell this picture of which I'd taken at my workplace, any market value ? "
    This is how I would summarise your post.

    The answer is yes and no.

    YES :If you can find out who owns / design / manage this building, ( building owner, property agent or developer ). Try to make contact with the person in charge, they might have a need for it. Perhaps you got a job waiting...

    NO : on the other hand, you might hear...who ask you to take this photo ? This is private /govt property, permission is required to take any pictures in this premises. Hmm...seems like inviting for trouble.

    Touch up a little bit on the roof and remove the sitting figure on the steps.

    Just wandering...would they just accept a submission of a single image to the stock market ?

    It does have the photo-quality of a postcard picture but not the sale potential.

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    I think the picture is very beautiful , in a way the colour is very contrasting . Its a good capture but maybe it looks a little (imo) fake . I mean when would the sky look so blue , when will the grass look so green , when will the building look damn white . PP was a LITTLE BIT too much , imo .

    I think well , its probably worthy ? Try out loh .
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    Yes, I did upload to microstock photography company before. They do have a set of stringent requirements for IQ. Unless you follow their guidelines strictly, you're uploaded images will get rejected straight away. From my experience, i soon give up the idea of stock photography after several rejections. It is rather time consuming to properly label and categorize every single submission. Several hours of effort (take pix-> conversion ->PP-> upload-> label ->submit), may end up the drain.

    However, when I got more time, I may probably give it a try again. Being a stock images buyer right now, I guess I am in a better position in understanding the needs of stock images customer/buyer.

    Quote Originally Posted by anxilign View Post
    Thanx for the tips on entering stock photos. Are you guys been doing with stock photography?
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    Thanx all for the so much replies and information fed, appreciate all the critiques and comments.

    Quote Originally Posted by kineticworks View Post
    Being a stock images buyer right now, I guess I am in a better position in understanding the needs of stock images customer/buyer.
    And especially kinecticworks, seems like you are among the better position to my questions.

    Cheers to clubsnap and all the wonderful CSers!
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