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Thread: Repackaging Lightbox Photography Magazine

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    Default Repackaging Lightbox Photography Magazine

    Dear CSers,

    As you are probably aware, Lightbox photography magazine is a fairly new
    local publication, which made its debut in December last year. After
    three issues, I understand the editorial team has received a number of
    constructive comments and are currently actively working to "repackage"
    the publication so it can better cater to the needs of the various
    photography communities.

    I write this in my new capacity as chief editor of Lightbox, after
    having been invited to join the team.

    We all know that an excellent photography magazine is one that features
    informative articles and superb printed photographs. This would not be
    possible without a pool of writers and photographers who are good at
    what they do.

    As part of our revamp, Iíve managed to invite Professor Li Yuan, a
    prominent US-based landscape photographer to join us as a regular
    contributor. Prof Li will be sharing his philosophy and knowledge
    relating to the craft. Prof Li was in town recently, when he gave an
    inspirational talk at SAFRA.

    Prof Liís addition to the team is but the first of many things I hope to
    introduce to the magazine. Iím working hard to source out other
    credible and well-versed professionals in this arena.

    However, in order to continue augmenting the standard of the magazine,
    it is necessary to also seek out the input of readers every step of the

    Please take this as a personal invitation to contribute to the magazine
    by sharing with us your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, articles or photo
    essays. Your views matter to us, and will be crucial in helping us bring
    you a more substantial read, and one that gets better all the time.

    We are particularly keen on articles in the following areas:

    1. Travel
    2. Philosophy
    3. Fashion & Portraiture
    4. Studio & Commercial
    5. Black & White
    6. Techniques
    7. Journalism
    8. Product Reviews

    I look forward to hearing your fabulous ideas! I certainly hope we will
    have the opportunity to work together and make this THE preferred local
    photography publication.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or email

    Julian W.
    Chief Editor, Lightbox

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    Hi may I know how much do you pay for articles?

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    Thumbs up


    Great Job! Looking forward to the next issue! I'm sure if there is an improvement, more and more people will support your mag!


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    Any comments on the articles in the latest edition of LightBox?

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    For the benefit of those who missed this post.

    Kind regards,
    Julian W.


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