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Thread: White Lily: Still Life

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    Default White Lily: Still Life




    Shot using Canon Powershot A80

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    #1 is the best of the 3. #2 has a harsh crop and somehow I find the focus selection not speaking of the flower. #3 seems too static and boring.

    I like #1 primarily due to the interaction of the petals and the softness that keeps up with a delicate flower portrait. To nit pick, I find the folds at the back a bit of a bother. Anyway, you should be happy with #1.

    Flowers are very tough primarily because every one has had a go at it and your's is not much different from anything you can find on a decent gardening book. Well as I said, it is tough to interpret.

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    seriously dude...after taking those shots...i find lilies are delicate for me to handle...only these 3 shots are found acceptable...the rest (abt 60 of them) could not bring out the flower's ambience.

    and thks a million tons for your comments.


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