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    Hi, I took this a while back when I just bought my Canon 1000D - EF-S 18-55mm. Will be going with friends for a photo outing and I hope I can seek your advise on how I can improve in my skills

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?
    would like advise on the exposure and the angle the photo was taken

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    I Hope I was able to capture a good landscape shot of the Central Building. I reviewed some of the other pictures I've taken but this is thus far the best among those other pictures.

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Took the picture in the afternoon. Around 2pm.

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    I like the picture taken but still feel that I can further improve on my skill.

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    Default Re: Clark Quay Central

    1. Exposure is good. Angle? Generally, I don't like that the bank is sloping. It creates a leading line that leads to nothing interesting. Half of a boat is jutting out at the lower left corner of the frame and the imposing office tower seems to have been chopped halfway.

    2. What did you not like about the other pictures you took?

    3. Must have been very hot...

    4. The clouds have been over-processed, resulting in a loss of detail. You may also want to experiment with trying to shoot it more close up. Taking it from Read Bridge isn't quite a good idea because of the slanted bank and distance.

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    Perhaps a -1/3 on exposure will be nicer. Looks too "white". Yes, I agree with aspenx, keep the buildings whole, try not to "chop" off buildings.

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    you want to capture too many things.

    central building is vertical. the quay is horizontal. taking landscape will result in lots of empty space on the sides. so if you want to capture central, go portait instead.

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    also, you were using iso200 and f3.5, try to use the base iso (iso 100 in 1000D), and use smaller aperture (typically f8-11) for better DOF and IQ.

    cheers! =)

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    Generally, 2pm is not a good time for architectural shots because the ambient lighting would be pretty bright and harsh. You get rather short and uncontrasty shadow too.

    The perspective distortion is not controlled at all. This is an important aspect to take note of for shooting buildings. However, it also very difficult to master without specialised tools or skills in post editing.

    Then comes the details to watch out for e.g. that shadowed building creeping in from the right and that boat on the left which is croppped ouot abruptly. Details like these do make or break a photo and like the ambient lighting, has to be taken care of at the time of shooting.

    Composition wise, its really a "grab and go' kind of quality. My biggest issue is that the tower block is cropped off. There isn't much thought given to design the composition at all. Its not a total loss but it could be much much better if the fundamentals were taken care of.

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    Default Re: Clark Quay Central

    hi ts

    1) did u try shooting in vertical orientation?
    2) have u try shooting with CP filter?
    3) like others mentioned, the boat kana chop, too many other buildings. although the Central is the largest building in ur shot there, the top of the building has also been chop.
    4) maybe try to shoot in the evening of early morning?
    5) maybe can wait of a river taxi to come into the frame?
    photography makes one sees things from all angles.


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