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    My colleague lent me a Nikon FA to play around with until my Contax RTSII arrives. I don't have a flash that I can use with the camera, so there was no way for me to use any fill flash. But I think the effect of her face in shadows add to the ominous mood of the photo. What do you guys think?

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    it's a good pic but the arch at the bottom left kinda distract... but I know aesthetically it adds to the shot...... nice tonality what BnW film?

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    Hi SniperD,

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah, the door can be a little distracting, but I love the detailing around it, as well as the shadows on it; it feels like I'd stepped into a haunted castle and the Angle of Death is about to pounce on me.

    I only use XP2 Super 400 now because I don't have a dark room and this is one of the few easily available chromogenic films I can get around here. The grains are only slightly more visible than the Tmax 100, so I prefer the convenience and economics of using the Ilford. I also haven't got any complains about the tonal range, in fact it's one of the reasons I've 'upgraded' to film from digital :P

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    I'd call it a "snapshot". Not much interest here. I guess you have to be careful of distractions (twigs in this case) that potentially clutter your image. The way I see it, you just stood there and shot it without paying much attention to what you see in the viewfinder. Take more care when shooting next time. Pay attention to unnecessary stuff in the image.

    Hope this is useful... cheers

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    ethereal mood

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    I think the picture is an artistic piece of work. And I do agree with SniperD that the arc-door is a distracting. A bit of cropping would put the angle and its background into better composition. Just the angle, the blur background (good depth of field) and just a slight portion of the wall that the angel is standing onto (leave the arc and the rest of the pictures downward out of the way).

    I like the twigs. It adds depth and mood to the picture -> standing through the test of time.... the angel watching over all things that passed by it's way.


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