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Thread: So who's the "Matthew" in Apr's Photoi...

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    Default So who's the "Matthew" in Apr's Photoi...

    ...that made it to the Reader's Galeria?

    Let me make an educated he the one with the nick also starting with "Matthew"?

    Congrats! Hope we won't be seeing the Safrotto bag up for sale in the B&S section..keke...

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    Cool I'm not that smart!

    Educated guess...

    I ran through the name of the person, "Matthew Sim", and all the nicks in CS, through a 10,532-line, O(n) time algorithm complete with AI and Fuzzy Logic on a Cray XD1 Supercomputer, and then filter the results through an Expert System, and combined with a bit of my own brain juice, led to a 70% probability that it COULD be someone with the nick that starts with "Matthew".

    Latest update: the Cray just spewed out that the first letter of the person's surname, "S", can further match the nick starting with "MatthewS", upping the probability to 80%!

    No, not based on any personal deduction at all...and thanks to the person who lent me his computing time on the Cray...
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    In China its about 140SGD after conversion. But TCW ups the price by quite a bit when they bring it in.


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