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    Default Good morning

    The morning sun shining down the corridor, spilling its golden rays on the floor.

    Comments welcomed.

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    very nicely done! but i think the chair is not supposed to be there and more shoes on the floor can make us see that ppl is sleeping in the house
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    Hi Ah Pao,

    I like the picture, but I wonder if it'd be better if you didn't have the chair in the picture. I like the way that the scene is almost totally composed of angular shapes and only the slippers and the chair broke the uniformity. But the chair is both angular and roundish as well, and since it's much bigger than the slippers, it takes the impact away from having the slippers alone.

    Also, such warm lights shadows usally give a rather forlorn feeling, best suited for old/vintage subjects. The slippers still have an old time feel, none of them sport sandals rubbish, so would have fitted perfectly in. But the chair is obviously very modern, so it takes away the charm from the slippers.

    The only problem I see from removing the chair is that the slippers may not be sufficiently large enough as a subject, so if you want to try the scene again, you might want to try other angles/FOV to shoot it.

    Still, I love streaming lights, and all the angles in the picture are really amazing.

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    good use of diagonal as well as vertical and horisonta lines.

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    i think the chair makes the whole shot look much better


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