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    Do attend this workshop if you want to know more about calibrating your monitor - WPAS and Cathay monitor calibration and prints critiques workshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theRBK View Post
    just some FYIs:

    - technically, LED screens are actually screens composed of red, green, and blue LEDs, with a triplet of those forming one pixel... no LCD panel is involved... typically these are very large outdoor screens with high brightness, many of which are for advertising purposes, for distant viewing... when standing close, one can actually see with the naked eye the individual LEDs...

    - what is normally in LCD monitors and TVs should be called LED-backlit LCD screens... as opposed to those backlit by flourescent tubes (CCFL)... that is, the LEDs are used as the source of light shinning through the LCD panel to form the image...

    - LED-backlit does not automatically mean the colour is superior to CCFL-backlit monitors... some of those use "white" LEDs, which typically are blue LEDs with a yellow tint applied, and these tend not to be as good as quality CCFL-backlit monitors... the good LED-backlit ones are what are those that have red, green, and blue LEDs forming the backlight, and they are normally called RGBLED-backlit monitors...

    -Samsung does not produce IPS screens... they produce their proprietary PVA screens, as well as TN screens...
    Thanks a lot, i'm v well informed.

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