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    Default birds..

    sigh.. been depressed lately...

    pics come out dark and gloomy too

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    Quote Originally Posted by junyang
    sigh.. been depressed lately...

    pics come out dark and gloomy too
    I like the photo alot. There's a quiet, poetic beauty to it that is also rather heartbreaking. I'd say that although the mood is rather sad, there's some sort of hope in it, because you have the birds flying from a darker place to a much brighter one.

    I hope that you're feeling much better. Photography for me is rather therapeutic and I definitely feel a lot better if I managed to shoot something I really like. It's also quite interesting to note what compositions you come up with when you're not your usual self.

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    nice.... Alfred Hitchcock.

    push the boundaries by upping the levels and the contrast... this shot's got the potential

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    thanks for the comments and encouragement!

    hrm.. i like this shot quite alot.. will try to re-do it tonight and see how it turns out..

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    yah not a bad picture..

    the hdb blocks and both sides of the picture gives your audience a sense of perspective and hdb dwellers can relate to this common sight.


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