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Thread: contact needed.

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    Default contact needed.

    hi, anyone here knows the contact for Gloryworkz? the supplier of wedding photo album?
    visited their webby, tried to contact them thru handphone, number not in use. e-mailed them but no reply. may be they had change their hp numbers and e-mails.......wish to purchase their album.
    or any other wedding photo album supplier contacts? i'm looking for 12' x 15' plain black sheet photo album.
    thank very much in advance.

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    Default Contact no for GLORYWORKZ


    Thank you for your interest in our photo album.
    You can contact gloryworkz at 90079472
    Please leave your contact so that we can contact you

    Thanks and regards

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    Default Number doesn't work

    Been trying to call the number given... does not work...

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    Think the owner is in indonesia... hopefully he's fine.

    PS. i do not know him but as mentioned in the other thread, he might be in the area so hopefully he's ok.

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    Default Glory Workz

    Hi everyone,

    I am really sorry for MIA (missing in action) for some times (Christmas - 5 jan).
    I am not affected by Tsunami in Aceh, Thank God.

    I am thankful for all your support and concern
    Once again, i apologizes for the inconvenience as the Starhub network was unable to auto roaming while i was overseas and some other issues like being hospitalized.

    FYI, Terrible situations over there in Aceh, many chinese people are the victims. The chinese survivor are not given the food, they are forced to pay for the food instead, forced to burry the dead people

    The Tsunami wave is 3 storey high and the speed is 800 km/hour, it's very deadly.

    If there is no Sumatra island, Singapore has definitely be affected - Newspaper said. So Thank God for this

    Life is temporary, so continue to do good in this life

    Robby Tjoa


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