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Thread: 13 Jun - Inspired by Kay

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    Default 13 Jun - Inspired by Kay

    Hi everybody!

    This is a thread to gather response before a confirmation to feature KAY on 13th June (SAT) for Indoor Lingerie shoot in a hotel setting.
    Do register with TANSLR now if you are interested in the photoshoot



    Credits to Fabio Lorenzo

    Date & Time
    Session 1: 13 Jun (Sat) 0900 Hrs 1100 Hrs (Code: 13Jun01)
    Session 2: 13 Jun (Sat) 1200 Hrs 1400 Hrs (Code: 13Jun02)
    Session 3: 13 Jun (Sat) 1500 Hrs 1700 Hrs (Code: 13Jun03)
    Session 4: 13 Jun (Sat) 1900 Hrs 2100 Hrs (Code: 13Jun04)

    ** Private bookings can be arranged if ample notice is provided. **

    Fees per session:
    $120 per pax

    Number of Outfits & Style
    Indoor: 3x Lingerie outfits (minimum)

    Indoor setting, to be released to confirmed participants only

    Number of participants
    3 to start, 6 max

    Email to to reserve a slot to photoshoot with KAY

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    Default Re: 13 Jun - Inspired by Kay

    bro, 13 Jun is a SUNDAY.


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