#13 No Self Pity - JUST DO IT!

K5; FA43/1.9ltd; at f4, ISO100, 1/125

Its easy to wallow in self pity.
Not enough time, no opportunity, light is no good, stuck at home is boring, no skill, no FF camera, no lightning fast AF, etc.
IMHO, everything improves with practice and conscientious thought.
Just do it! (and think of it a bit)

I just set this up over a day when I had time to fiddle with the lighting equipment every 5-10mins or so, before returning to my very heavy weekend chores. Setup the bkgnd lights, go buy breakfast, test the lighting, go cook lunch, etc..
By the time it was done, I just had to wait for my daughter to be in an agreeable mood to help donate her 10mins attention span for the shot.
At least I got the shot done rather than declaring that I didn't have a dedicated span of 1-2hrs to setup for the shot and end up having no shot done.

Strobist setup :
Key light : Metz48 with shoot thru on 45deg left
Bkgnd light : Vivitar285 with softbox on right (aimed at right of wall)
Reflector on right.