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Thread: Syncing Aperture to iPhone = VERY low res pictures?

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    Default Syncing Aperture to iPhone = VERY low res pictures?

    I used to sync my iPhone with iPhoto, until recently where i decided to simplify my workflow and sync photos to my iPhone with Aperture instead (as i do all my work there).

    However, i've noticed that the SAME photos synced from Aperture into my iPhone is significantly more compressed and low res than those that are synced from iPhoto.

    I understand that iTunes optimizes (compresses) the photos before syncing them to the iPhone, and that is of acceptable standard. When I was using iPhoto, the photos were sharp on the iPhone screen and can even be zoomed in. After I switched to syncing with Aperture, the SAME photos were noticeably blurred (looking as tho they were severely compressed or compressed twice) even BEFORE zooming in.

    Note that I have tried it a couple of times, and ensured that the exact same copies of the photos that were previously synced with iPhoto are now syncing with Aperture so it has nothing to do with the original files (All from my 5D Mark II at 21MP so i don't think resolution is an issue here).

    Does anyone here sync their iPhone with Aperture and faces the same issue? Can anyone help me with this? Am I missing a setting in Aperture or something that's causing this issue to happen?

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    Default Re: Syncing Aperture to iPhone = VERY low res pictures?

    Guess i'm not getting any luck here. Will try posting in the digital darkroom forum. Thanks!


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