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Thread: Any injuries, so far?

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    Unhappy Any injuries, so far?

    We have heard morbid stories of photogs who sufferred serious/permanent injuries from carrying their cam equipments, just like the Chinese newspaper photog (who got a painful spinal injury, and who recovered after receiving some godly advices from a Tibetian monk).

    As for me, i have already got a "permanent" left shoulder and left knee problems. It's quite painful at times but when there are photo opportunities, I will still take the pain and go out shooting. I think this is one of the price you will pay when you are carrying the 70-200 F2.8L IS!

    Do you have any such experience?
    Did you give up the heavy equipments becoz of resulted injuries?
    What type of injuries have you sufferred?
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    use backpack to spread out the weight? =)

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    had some back problems to begin with so I don't have any heavy lenses yet. bulkiest lense now is the 100mm macro usm.... light compared to the 70-200 f2.8 and super teles

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    I fell into a crevasse while trying to take pictures, or at least planning to take out my camera....

    nearly lost my life....

    and nearly dislocated my shoulder in the process....


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