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Thread: New 2 iphone

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    sometimes it gives you wrong location but most of the times, it works. there's a time i was in serangoon north avenue, run the Map app and it got my location correctly.

    i walked a few metres and it updated my location as being in amk industrial park 2... wtf???

    after refreshing... i got it back again
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    sometimes i refreash, it still puts me in some wonderland somewhere !! pretty much gave up on it already

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    Didn't find any documentation on this.. but what I suspect is this..

    iPhone uses AGPS.. Assisted GPS. They try to provide an estimated location based on Base stations, then try to detect GPS signals. If there is GPS signal, then the location will be accurate.

    If it shows a steady blue circle, then the position may not be accurate.

    If it shows a plausing blue circle, then it is using GPS signal, and will be quite accurate.

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