Oh ... a few more things to add if you think they are useful:

1. use a lens with large aperture say starting from f/2.8 if you are planning to do selective focus. I tend to shoot around f/8 and still able to create selective focusing by using a longer lens such as my all time favorite TS-E 90mm f/2.8. going to shallow with your depth of field has certain disadvantages and one key one is getting the wrong focus effect. this results in viewers not knowing what you are trying to show.

2. sometimes more light does not mean better tasty looking food. you need to know how to position your flash to create the effect you want. lighting ration of say 1:2 is often good enough to lend depth to your picture. I have often shot with 1 light and a mounting board to bounce the light to a certain degree of the dish and they still work very well... go for simple lighting before attempting to be complex. i always like the zen approach to things - simple and one step at a time.

3. i might have say this before in my previous thread but let me say this again. your white balance setting is very important. although you still can change them in software like lightroom or other tools, always get them correctly during shooting. you really don't want to get into the time wasting process of fixing whitebalance after the shoot.

ok... so much for now.. need to get back to my main business of the day... balance lifestyle of family and work...