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Thread: Architectural + Cityscape Photography #3

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    Default Re: Architectural + Cityscape Photography #3

    Quote Originally Posted by Numnumball View Post
    Nice knowing u Kit, a valuable lesson learnt from u today.. It's very Inspiring to see ur dedication to architectural n landscape photography, ur advice is beneficial to most of us!

    and it's nice meeting up with old pals n knowing new ones! Great outing!

    Look forward to everyone pics!


    Quote Originally Posted by LowLights View Post
    Yup.. enjoy the outing..

    Finally .. manage to get my ass of my bed to do my first 2010 Sunrise shoot.. hahaha

    Sadly.. like alway the Sun was not in a cooperative mood .. haiz

    Alway great to make new friends and place a face behind the nicks

    Till the next outing

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy1 View Post
    Met a lot of friendly CS members & learned a lot from the Seniors.

    Thanks for the outing.....

    And Kit.....Do Take care.

    Just don't know what to take, Anyway, just one to share.....
    Thanks for coming!!

    Photos away!!!

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    Default Re: Architectural + Cityscape Photography #3

    Nice and Fun Outing this morning !

    Would attend more often, Kit ! Organise more !!.. haha
    Think fast, aim for the best !

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