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Thread: Driving up to Genting

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    Default Driving up to Genting

    Have u driven up to Genting before?
    Is there any direction sign along the North-South Highway? Do u turn before KL or after KL?

    There a pretty good map and direction here but I just can't make up where's the NS Highway coming from Singapore.....

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    if it is your first time drive to kl, this would be a challenging journey. The road sign in kl is not very clear. you can take the ns highway and route around kl with direction to kuantan. or go through city with direction to kuantan also. but i would advice you take the turn round kl city. If u enter kl, you might be trap with jam, or just get lost.

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    It's a wonderful experience driving up to Genting......
    Get some maps from Popular Bookshop.

    You can't stinge on good maps. I got one that shows the entire M'sian peninsula and another DETAILED map on the Msian Highlands.

    Once you reach the highways, you can't miss Genting because the signs are quite clearly labelled.

    Next, get ready with lots of coins for the toll. Preferably with exact change as those guys manning the toll gates will tell you a different price if he/she notices that you are driving a SG/European car. Kenna this myself. Told to pay RM$5 or so even though the LED panels shows RM$3.50 for cars !!!

    Let's hope Pak Lah can do something about this.


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