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Thread: Hi to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by service168 View Post
    Yeah, I've handled Nikon DSLRs most of the time so I'm more comfortable with them. Only downside is that they produce photos of ratio 188:125 as compared to a Canon of the standard 3:2 (meaning the size of the photos I took from the D40 at its largest is 3008x2000, so being the "ngeow ong" type I have to crop off 8px on some photos to become 3000x2000).

    To add: I only have an 18-55mm lens; that somewhat restricts my ablility to zoom far. I can still tap on my current 18-55mm lens if I bought a new DSLR but I'd like to have a lens with longer zoom (up till 135mm for now). They usually come as kits along with DSLRs that are of mid-level type and higher (i.e. D80, D90). So what's the current retail price for a D90 if anyone knows?
    Don't need to be so fussy over a few pixel width on either side of the image!

    D90's kit lens is the 18-105/3.5-5.6 VR. Price has been reduced recently. You may like to check with some of the CS favourite shops for latest pricing.
    You can buy D90 and sell off the 18-55 to offset the purchase price a little. Or keep the 18-55 to use with your D40. Or sell off your d40 kit. Whatever you choose...

    Just curious about your 'photographing buses' thingy... any examples?
    Exploring! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by service168 View Post
    Yes, same year of entry (2010) as me?
    as in? in slr? i got my cam few wks ago.. but not in photography club..

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