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    In the Mood
    The Mobile Sewing Company (The Netherlands)

    Searching for a truly unique piece of garment that no one else in the world has? You’ll find it at In The Mood.

    Karin Arts and Mariken Biegman are lady tailors/ entertainers who create original pieces of art using the clothes of members of the audience. To get participants ‘in the mood’, they are requested to take off their clothes and let these two handy ladies transform their outfits into original pieces of art – on the spot.

    In The Mood is probably the only show in the world that’s literally powered by the audience: while their clothes are being stitched, participants will be asked to power the antique sewing machines by riding two gorgeous classical Dutch Bikes!

    After delighting thousands around the world with their unique take on spontaneous performance art, In The Mood will leave Singaporeans with some unique mementos they will treasure for life.

    Who says you can’t keep fit and go green in the name of fashion?

    Workshop by The Mobile Sewing Company
    Learn to be creative with simple materials!

    Date : 27 - 30 May
    Time : 6.30 to 9.30 pm
    Venue : VivoCity (East Boulevard)
    Ticket Prices : Free

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    The Hood
    La Passionata Svironi (Israel/Singapore)

    Winner of the Bat-Yam Street Festival, Israel 09, La Passionata Svironi has created a new genre of miniature and interactive theatre. Small groups of audiences are invited to put their heads inside seven miniature houses created by Svironi Michal and her team. Not only is the audience part of the scene but they also put in the music for it. Playing along with Singaporean performers, audience members interact with the comedians and puppets for an experience that goes well beyond any pre-written text.

    This is truly out-of-the-box thinking from an amazingly creative group. The group plans to develop a repertoire of stories through cooperation with creators and comedians around the world.

    Production by Eve- The Association of Independent Theater Creators in Israel

    Co-production by The Bat Yam's International Street Festival and Israel Lottery Council

    Date : 4 - 6 Jun
    Time : 6.30 - 7.30pm and 8.30 - 9.30pm
    Venue : VivoCity (Sky Park)
    Ticket Prices : Free

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    Zapin D' Muara
    Era Dance Theatre Limited, Yayasan Warisan Johor and Langkan Budaya Taratak (Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia)

    Experience beautiful melodies, enjoy exuberant dancing and listen to meaningful vocals that make for a true Zapin experience. As one of the five basic Malay dances, Zapin promotes the revitalisation of cultural heritage such as the unique form of traditional silat and will feature artisans of traditional crafts like the marwas (drums) and selodang (oud) in the 10-station Zapin Trail Experience.

    This event will also explore the similarities and differences between Malay cultures in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Zapin D’ Muara will feature solo and duo dance items as well as collaborative pieces by Era Dance Theatre Limited, Yayasan Warisan Johor and Langkan Budaya Tarata Indonesia. Local groups Teater Tari Era, Sriwana, Azpirasi and Perkumpulan Seni will also be sharing their Zapin works.

    Enjoy the performances, participate in the workshops and seminars, experience classic P. Ramlee movies Kanchan Tirana and Semerah Padi under the stars, join the mass participation events, relax at the picnic and celebrate the best of Zapin all weekend long!

    Date & time : 28 - 30 May from 7.15pm (Fri) & from 10am (Sat & Sun) See detailed schedule link below
    Venue : Malay Heritage Centre
    Ticket Prices : Free

    Detailed schedule available from

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    Compagnie Une de Plus (France)

    An outdoor show that incorporates puppetry, dance, mime, stilts and masks, Trois is a poetic and touching tale illustrating the circle of life.

    Two actors dress like puppets – one a newborn who can’t even stand up straight, the other a giant on stilts. The ‘parent’ takes the ‘child’ under his wing and teaches him to walk and be independent, even finding him a friend from the audience. However, when the little puppet wants to fly away on his own wings, he can only do so by cutting the string that ties him to his ‘parent’. It is only when he kills him that he can freely live.

    Trois is the brainchild of Compagnie Une de Plus, company specialising in street theatre and puppetry that’s founded by Eric Hervé. Since 2003, Compagnie Une de Plus has toured all over Europe, delighting young and old with their unique brand of innovative and fun puppetry.

    Sponsored by: Urban Redevelopment Authority

    Date : 4 - 6 Jun
    Time : 5 & 7 pm, 30mins
    Venue : Merlion Park
    Ticket Prices : Free

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    Mega Line-Dance
    Public & Line Dancing Communities & Filmmakers

    Line dancing has always been a popular activity in Singapore, and the 11,967 dancers who were part of the Guinness World Record set in Singapore for ‘World’s Largest Country Line Dance’ in 2003 pays testament to that claim.

    The numerous line dancing organisations, which organise their dances weekly outside shopping malls and community centres all around Singapore, are a sure sign that the art of line dancing is blossoming in tandem with Singapore’s burgeoning arts culture.

    It is therefore apt that the closing event of the Singapore Arts Festival will be a massive line dance project that will enable Singaporeans from all walks to engage in art making and express themselves! This event will bring together all the line dance community groups in Singapore and pair them with dance/film makers. The resulting dance/film project will be showcased in dance/film series of Singapore Arts Festival 2011.

    So put on your dancing shoes! Join us and be part of the Singapore Arts Festival.

    Please take public transport to either events.

    Central Promontory
    Just beside the new NTUC Building on 1 Raffles Quay.
    Nearest MRT is Raffles Place MRT.

    Please come dressed in shades of red and yellow in support of the passion and happiness of dancing in the arts!

    Marina Barrage
    Regular Shuttle buses will be provided from Marina Bay MRT and Tanjong Pagar MRT from
    5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Every 10 minutes.

    Please come dressed in shades blue and green in support of the clean water, clear air movement!

    Sponsored by : Urban Redevelopment Authority

    Date : 13 Jun
    Time : 6 - 9pm
    Venue : Central Promontary (Country Line Dance) & Marina Barrage (Line Dance)
    Ticket Prices : Free

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    of all the events listed...which ones likely will be open to picture taking /video recording?
    You wont see me much less remember me but i am the guy who makes you look good.

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    Default Re: Singapore Arts Festival 2010 free events

    not all . some are not allowed but from the list u have should be ok , we will be there covering the event ,c u guys there

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    Arrow Re: Singapore Arts Festival 2010 free events


    Thanks for putting it up here.


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