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Thread: once upon a tree....

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    Default once upon a tree....

    Taken at Tenah Mera MRT Station....

    taken at the Singapore Expo.

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    your subject (tree) for the second picture is under exposed...

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    Originally posted by misato
    your subject (tree) for the second picture is under exposed...

    I believe it was meant to be under-exposed..

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    Maybe. But from my point of view... the tree looks too dark.
    Either way.. its free for all until Ling explains more.

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    yeah, it's meant to be under-expose coz i think the sky is more interesting than the tree but i just want that particular tree in the middle tree to be there to give the background a contrast.

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    Nice blue skies.

    For the 2nd pic, the cloud seems to be almost same shape as the tree, at least to me hee

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    yeah, it does looks abit similar... heh
    thanx for pointing that out!


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