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    This is the best i can get with my Finepix 2800Z. Wish i had telescopic lens... but those are expensive and only for SLR cameras right? or can digital cam like mine have that?

    I was at the Expo MRT station.... as you know, it's near Changi Airport so yup when this plane appear, i didn't think much of it... but when i saw it's going to the direction of the full moon, i quickly got hold of my camera and took a snap of this rare coincidence.... Yeah.. i just snap... so i didn't change the setting of the camera to suit the night shot.... and i didn't zoom far enough.... and my hands were shaking slightly coz i was so anxious...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... yeah... good catch but a lousy picture.

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    If only you have better ZOOM you could wait for another plane and snap it when it's near the moon. That'll be a great shot! Anyone have shots like that?

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    Very hard to catch this kinda pic with the plane moving just nice there

    Dun worry ur moon shot is already very nice, better than mine at least (3x... sob.... )

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    Though small, I think that you have captured a very good shot as I can see still the different tones of the moon colour. Not bad.

    Kind of remind me of the ancient 5 1/4" floppy diskette (Don't know why? )

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    let's all go to Expo MRT station and on a Full Moon night and wait for planes to fly by! haha!
    Seems like whenever i feel like taking pix of the the nightsky, it's a full moon night... maybe that's the onlything my cam can capture... since the stars are too tiny....


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