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Thread: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

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    Default HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    Hi all,
    I recently upgrade my AV receiver to one with HDMI output. Previously I was using component cables, and the picture quality was excellent.

    However, my new setup has the following problems:
    1) Aliasing (jagged edges and not smooth)
    2) Darker and softer pictures

    And it was just watching cartoons...

    My AV receiver has up scaling functions and I was wondering if this is something beyond my control? Thanks very much.

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    Default Re: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    You're better off asking this question in an AV forum like xtremeplace. And when you ask there, you should also post up the details of your entire setup. Without knowing the make and model of your various components, people won't be able to help you in a meaningful way.

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    Default Re: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    Probably need to move to Kopitiam.

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    Default Re: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    Its probably the scaling function thats giving u trouble.
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    Default Re: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    If you connect your new AV via component cables, does it still show the aliasing issue? (Assuming you've switched to hdmi)

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    Default Re: HDMI with Jagged Edges (aliasing)

    seems more like you've a lower end source and a higher end display.

    is your source 720P or lower and you're using 1080P TV?
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