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Thread: Long lens owners come in...

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    Smile Long lens owners come in...

    Just thought I'd like to share this useful page which give tips on how to minimize lens shake and obtain sharp images with your long lens.

    Any other useful tips to share? I for one find that using a cable release as well as a good, stable and strong tripod + ballhead goes a long way in getting those sharp shots. Of course good long lens techniques must be applied too, as mentioned in the article. As for me, well I'm still learning the ropes.

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    Default Fabulous article

    Fabulous article there, almost like a manual for tele-lens shooting. However, these days, few bodies have got mirror lock-up, especially Nikon bodies.

    As amateurs, maybe the best affordable bet is to get a sturdy set of tripod legs and big, heavy ballhead to stabilise the camera and lens.


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