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Thread: anyplace in ntu good to take lightning photo?

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    Default anyplace in ntu good to take lightning photo?

    as above

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    Hmmz... Maybe you can try the area behind the Administration Annexe where the super long staircase down to the Heritage Centre is. Got a pretty good view of the sky. If not, from the top of S3 or S4 is pretty good too...

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    Or you can try on the rooftop of N4 facing the direction of NIE.

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    scarey taking lightning photographs, I'm always scared of being struck by the lightning.

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    my try at lightning. did it indoors, in my house, behind windows,(afraid of water), bulb mode, aperture abt f22, iso200?, exposure abt 10secs each.

    v tough. makes fireworks piece of cake.

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    There hasn't been lightning here for a while.
    Taken outside, under the shade. One of the first one I ever captured


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    Quote Originally Posted by zodnm
    as above

    A few tips from a seasoned lightning photographer.

    1) Never shoot outdoors unless you are in a porch or similar and then think twice about it.

    2) Most lightning strikes that hit people happen in clear skies, this is because lightning can form and strike up to 10-15 miles in front of a storm.

    3) Avoid at all costs rooftop locations and the beach.

    4) A human body is mostly water and lightning sees this as a quicker route to earth potential than concrete etc.

    5) Any location that is indoors and facing the oncoming storm front will do, a higher building location is of course prefferred.
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