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Thread: Lights in the sky?

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    The colored lights you saw could also be aircraft position / navigation lights:

    But without being there physically myself, it would be hard to tell what it is you saw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    you can estimate the height of something in the sky by looking at it.
    yah..i was wondering how too...

    anyway, my roll of string of my kite is 1000m, so it is possible to fly up to 1km up in the sky

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    punngol is along flight path to seletar airport.

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    Firstly disclaimer, might not be an accurate description. The planes/lights were too far away for any photo taking.

    I would say its definitely not kites, referring to the thing or plane with blue and red blinking lights. Firstly, the coloured lights seem big enough to make out the colours and it was slow moving, perhaps as fast as an mrt train? If viewed from a distance, probably seem slower.

    From where im staying, my window is facing East, direction towards Lorong Chuan, Serangoon stadium, there's this airport that i see on google maps, Paya Lebar airport?
    Could be that area where the planes and the object with blue blinking lights were moving above.

    I had like probably 2 or 3 seconds before the "object with blue lights" disappeared behind a distant tall building, in an opposite direction.

    Fighter planes, two of them were moving in counter-clockwise circles, one flew near to Serangoon as i could hear distant roar of the engines and visually follow the flight path, earlier in the evening (it flew further away, bout half an hour later). The other fighter flew much further away, judging by the size and speed of the faint light.

    Followed by a medium aircraft flying low in the distance (seems to be in between the two fight planes flight path), which i guess was the Hawkeye, which i am not sure if it's still in service.

    I doubt its ndp rehearsal. Rarely i see fighter planes flying near to residential area, and even two of them, flying in circles. My guesses are...

    1. some dignitary arriving in the small airport, needed aerial escorts?

    2. undisclosed classified military exercise

    3. illegal craft entering airspace, fighters mobilized to intercept

    4. unidentified object, fighters mobilized to intercept

    did a google for info, nothing in news, nothing much in forums, blogs. Perhaps tomorrow we have some info, unless its all hushed up. Hehe
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    They found UFO, tried to capture it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bahibo View Post
    They found UFO, tried to capture it.
    finally they came to Singapore. was thinking why do they always visit US of A...
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