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Thread: Get out of this place.

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    Default Get out of this place.

    Hi. Uh, i'm new here, so don't mind my noob-ness.

    I wanted to create a photo that tells a story, and I was going for an escapist/ road trip concept for this shot. Of how we seek an escape from the city life, grab a bike, go somewhere, do nothing.

    -Would like feedback on techniques/ concept. Do you guys get the story I'm trying to tell? Or is it a complete fail T.T

    -This was a photoshoot ie posed and all, not candid. I'm not a pro I just grab and shot and say, hmm let's try this and go with my 'feel'.

    personal thoughts about the image.
    -I think it comes across a bit too commercial. My friends were asking me if I'm doing a bike advert. Any ideas how to make it tell a story rather then sell a bike?

    All feedbacks appreciated, thanks! =D

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    How to ...get out of this place would be better story telling, and let the guy read a map, instead shake the spear.
    Feeling not too comfortable leaning against a bike, can felt the heat of the engine and the leg rest are piercing into my back.
    Sitting on the pair of sandals already tell it so.

    Not too good a story telling picture, as element doesn't fit.

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    you sitting on the shoes? i almost thought you were bleeding down there. =_= sorry
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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    hmm, doesnt the phantom wording just scream out to you..?

    a lower angled view, landscape orientated, with greater view of the background perhaps?

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    Quote Originally Posted by gamebit View Post
    you sitting on the shoes? i almost thought you were bleeding down there. =_= sorry
    dun worry. ur nt alone. i thought he peed
    ts watch where u put stuff leh. black stuff somemore loss of detail cause its dark means its erm misleading

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    i personally like it lots! but agree that it doesn't tell a story. i like it coz i like commercial photography. hahaha.

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    Like the sepia post process
    Like the book prop used.
    Like the idea of cowboy style.

    Dislike the shoe he is sitting on
    Dislike the model weaing a reflective shade
    Dislike the title of the photo.
    Dislike the watermark used.

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    The crop is too tight (doing it square doesnt seem to work for this shot) Cutting off his left feet.
    Boost the shadows because i have to agree that it looks like he's bleeding..
    The post processing somewhat doesnt fit what you were trying to portray.
    The rocks behind him is very distracting and the angle is just wrong.
    I dont know what's the link between your Title and this photo..
    instead of reading a shakesphere's book, maybe a map would be a good idea because he seems like he is relaxing more than wanting to get out of here.
    highlights are overblown. Not pleasing to the eyes.
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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    So, it's more nay than yea...

    as somtimes, no matter how much you'd like / love your own works / creation, general opinion still overule unless you are doing fine art photography or painting whereby only the artist knows what he / she is creating / painting.

    A very simple example will be like...the movie Avatar, against some art film, given a choice to general public, which movie would they most likely to part their cash ?

    Of course there are occassional incident where the judges decision is final, and surprise everyone.
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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    wow, thanks guys, really appreciate the feedback.

    yup i be more careful where i place stuff and edit, haha the peeing or bleeding comment are quite funny.

    great critique guys thanks much!

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.


    yeah this particular shot was supposed to be more relaxed that actually 'going somewhere', i think maybe the title is deceiving. nevertheless, thanks for you imput! truly appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    it looks fake.

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    try to avoid the blown out skies.

    other than that, technicalities wise i do like the palette here, etc. i'm actually not sure if anyone who dresses like that would read shakspeare but i suspect that is just a little voice in my head that everyone else should ignore.

    the problem lies with the composition. not enough attention is paid to detail - you have chopped up parts of your elements too abruptly and nonchalantly. the motorcycle has its wheel chopped, your persona has his feet chopped, and the list goes on. just a few more steps back from where the camera was would have resolved all of these.

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    good advice about the stepping back night86mare, thank you!

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    remove the slippers. just get the guy to sit on the floor. this photo somehow reminds me of those teenage magazines and their fashion pages. lol!

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    Default Re: Get out of this place.

    Additionally to what the rest have said, you should mind the stone pile and planted trees in the background. A different lens, more on the tele may have dealt with that, on moving the camera higher etc.

    Its a good attempt though.

    -- marios


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