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    As a newbie , it just seems to wonder me between a DSLR and a rangefinder . What exactly is the difference and what makes some people fancy a rangefinder over a DSLR .

    And why do people have preferences for film photography .

    Adding on , just a optional comparison between M9 vs. D3x vs. 1D .

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    rangefinder smaller, lighter. focusing is manual, using rangefinder mechanism. dslr will have autofocus mosto f the time.

    read this for a more extended writeup:

    with the disclaimer that some of his opinions are just that, his opinions.

    why do people prefer film? it's just film. it's different. most people will cite something intangible. others will tell you that film makes them think. the list goes on and on and on, we don't need to beat that dead horse, you can easily find arguments about this all over the net. or even in clubsnap.

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    Thanks for that link . Appreciates it .
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