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    Hi..newbie here..anybody knows which shop still sell dry box? I checked with john316, parisilk and cathay photo they are not selling it anymore..anyone know which shop I can get it from?
    Not looking to invest in dry cabinet yet..

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    MS Colour at AMK hub sells it for $23. They still have it.

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    just to make it easier for u, u can visit challenger, i think most of the branches have dry boxes. but i think they onli have one model, so far i've been to a few branches, all are selling dry boxes, cost around 25 for members which is pretty worth it i've been using it for quite a few mths.

    if u r a super heavy user, always open and close type, maybe can consider buying a branded one which has warrenty lolx, but then again i'm not sure if warrenty covers all these basic wear and tear, maybe not.

    go visit challenger, get the 25 dollars model will be the best IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
    MS Colour at AMK hub sells it for $23. They still have it.
    Yup.The one at S-11 also have

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    ok thanks guys..


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