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Thread: CSer come in please ..I want ask something about SG DSLR shop...

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    Default Re: CSer come in please ..I want ask something about SG DSLR shop...

    Quote Originally Posted by ziploc View Post
    It's actually voted unanimously by the mods team to deregister him, due to his pass history of trolling.
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    Default Re: CSer come in please ..I want ask something about SG DSLR shop...

    There is shops that will quote you prices without GST. The purpose of doing this is because they wanted to quote you a more competitive pricing as normally people will just proceed to another shop to ask again the same thing, hoping to get a better price. When another shop quoted you a GST inclusived price, you will think that the pervious shop had a better offer but they will still charge you the 7% after you decided to deal with that person. So please always ask is the price is inclusive of GST or not. People ended up paying more because this.

    There's even shops that can quote a "too good to be true" pricing for example selling you a Canon 550D for $988. Then they will tell you to purchase a lens ($300), a battery ($80), a charger ($75), data cable ($25) and then ask you do you wanna buy the neck strap only for $20 but you don't want.

    After adding up all the things, then charge you another 7% GST... then you realise you're paying a lot more.. then the sales person said he will give you a photo-editing software from Canon that is worth $400.. then you very happy and pay up.. but actually it's all supposed to be included with the camera...

    Remember the neckstrap that you didn't "buy"? The salesperson will keep that and sell it to other people come searching for "orginal neckstrap"

    Also, please that not that payments made through cash, NETS or Visa will affect the final price as well in some shops. Usually, cash payments is the best as some shops will add another 2% for NETS or Visa.

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