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    hi mates..
    I was thinking of getting macro filter, saw DCR-250 Raynox 125 bucks.. *abit too exp*
    since its +8, thinking of getting a +4 to start off
    what's the usual price now and any brand/model to recommend?
    gonna fix to my k-x dual set to shoot and learn with
    targetting.. smallest size would be either butterflies or grasshoppers

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    Default Re: macro filter

    The Raynox DCR-150 (+4) may not be on sale separately by the Mass buy/sell person (Jim)

    As far as I know, only DCR-250 or the combined of DCR-250 & DCR-150 are sold.

    When using Raynox, the working distance (meaning between cam front lens to subject) is very close. Approx few inches. Sometime DOF is really thin.

    For this kind of distance, you may not get subjects like butterfly or hoppers which will stay still for you to shoot.

    good luck.
    D810-Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro |Raynox DCR-250


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