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    So what do you guys think of this? C&C welcome

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    product shoot? too dark, lots of detail lost. try use more light or change backdrop to white.

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    I like how it turned out, kinda moody/mysterious etc

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    don't really like the wb since his armor is silver, not gold or bronze. the stand and background does not add to the pic as well. a frontal might look better?

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    Yes I know his actual colours, and was purposely trying some different settings here to give an overhaul to the classic alphonse

    @vonvonz thanks ^_^


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    just my 2 cents,

    understand that you are trying to give it another feel/mood.
    but I somewhat loses it shape into the background, question will be, do you want to lose the sharp and bend it into the background or you want to actually have it remain sharpened? b'cos in my humble opinion, I felt that the depth of field chosen either here or there... not that it is not nice but it just feel something is amiss. and a little underexposed. maybe reflecting some light to outline the edge creating the contrast?

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    I think its quite cool looking.
    Though you might want to change background or burn your background?
    The white line in your background which i suppose is your floor tile is somewhat distracting.
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