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Thread: [HELP~] Dead SDHC Card

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    Exclamation [HELP~] Dead SDHC Card

    My new sdhc card is dead. Camera suddenly unable to read the card. Tried insert card to computer / card reader but unable to read / detect. I think the card is dead.

    Please help~ Any way to retrieve the photo inside? Photos for my trip are all in the card.


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    My guess is that if even your computer can't detect the card when plugged in, then it's not possible for you to perform DIY data recovery. I suggest calling the manufacturer/local distributor and get advice from them.

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    try another card reader/ computer just to make sure.

    if still cannot, then you will probably need to contact professionals to try to recover data. this will not be cheap, note.

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    Just curious, what is the brand?


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    I ran into a similar problem with one of my CF cards before but that was because i saved a file from PC and somehow ran into a conflict in file format. See if u can use Sandisk rescuepro to retrieve any information. else send down to Vector magnetics to salvage, but u will need to pay a fee.


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    Just curious ..... are SD cards more prone to "damage/errors" than CF cards?

    Been using CF cards for more than 8 years and never a problem.

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    had the same problem. luckily that card i backed up before pass it to a fren. my ignorance to put it in my wallet thinking its bullet proof. my sd brand is King****. mayb same? lol.

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    Kingston does have a bit of an issue with longevity. I've had about 3 or 4 cards fail on me before. That's why i avoid them for important stuff unless abosulutely necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thugstercena View Post
    So far I do not have any problems with my SD or CF cards. I mostly use Sandisk, Lexar and Toshiba.

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    Well I had bad experience with Sandisk SD and Kingston CF cards before. But somehow Kingston SD and Sandisk CF are good, no problem at all.
    Kingston CF give file corruption but formatting it can help to regain the card, but not the file.
    Sandisk SD completely die on me - rubbish bin it goes...

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