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Thread: toy WW on a rainy day

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    Default toy WW on a rainy day

    hi all

    please see the two images at http://modernretro-myangleofview.blo...ays-pours.html. any c&c is appreciated. thanks!

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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    btw how do you insert images into your post? my URL for the images appear instead.. (best viewed with Safari browser)

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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    Hi modernretro,
    Linked for you

    Nice retro WW photos. I'd put the WW logo in the 2nd photo in focus though.

    PS. Think you clicked the wrong icon to insert images. The icon to insert images looks like a mountain and says "Insert Image" when mouseover.
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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    Thanks AnsQ for your help, advice and comments! Ya I was trying to focus on the water droplets on the WW instead cos it's about raining. But point taken. I should perhaps focus on both...

    I did click on the image icon (with mountain). But it keeps asking me for my image URL.. I wonder why. (best viewed with Safari browser)

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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    #2 - focusing on the raindrops don't seem to work in this case. The out of focus logo and front of the vehicle becomes a huge distraction.

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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    Love the retro feel...but disappointed with oof front elements..
    RGB Metering & Focusing.

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    Default Re: toy WW on a rainy day

    Thanks for the feedback Grumpy and Ovaltinemilo.. noted for future shots. (best viewed with Safari browser)

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