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Thread: Epson 2100 vs 1290 vs Canon i9100printer?

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    Default Epson 2100 vs 1290 vs Canon i9100printer?

    What's the different in print quality for the Epson 2100 and 1290 printers? Is the 2100 a big improvement over the 1290? How about the Canon i9100? Which one is better?

    Anybody know the price for the above three models?


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    Hi Kho King,

    The Epson 2100 is a vast improvement over the 1290, in terms of lightfastness. The 1290 retains some advantages such as being able to use a wide variety of media, from glossy to matte. The 2100 is a pigment printer, and thus is restrained in the ability to use glossy media, but it does have individual ink tanks, which is good for photo printing. The 2100 is also supposedly better over the 1290 for b/w printing, because of some Grey Balancer software.

    The i9100 is the professional A3 photo printer from Canon, counterpart to the Epson 1290 and 2100. It sits between the two Epson printers, being higher in specs to the 1290 but not being as archival as the 2100. Between the Epson 1290 and i9100, I'd take the Canon anyday. It's much newer, faster and it uses individual ink tanks.

    Between the Canon i9100 and Epson 2100, it'a a tough call. Both have their pros and cons. If you don't mind the premium price of the 2100 and you're not intending to print glossy photos, the Epson delivers great prints that'll last for more than a 100 years. On the other hand, the Canon i9100 delivers equally fantastic photos on glossy and matte paper, and the speed is simply amazing so it's great for virtually any nature of printing work. Canon just announced a reformulation of their Photo Paper Pro PR-101, so your prints will have an archival quality of 100 years.

    The prices are approximately as follows:
    Epson 1290 $699
    Canon i9100 $799
    Epson 2100 $1299

    IMHO, it's a toss-up between the Canon i9100 and Epson 2100, rather than a three printer race. There're supporters for each camp, so you'd have to make your own decision.


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