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Thread: Film storage question

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    Before we get totally off topic, let me sum up the answers to the original question:

    If I rewind from mid-roll, with the intention of using the remaining film at a later time:

    - the storage method should depend on the length of time I intend to keep the film before finishing the rest of it.

    - for short duration, like a few days, I will not likely notice any degradation in the picture quality even if I do not put it back into the refrigerator. For longer period, I might want to put it back into the refrigerator.

    - there is no harm if I choose to put it back in the refrigerator even if Iam going to use the rest of the film the next day, as long as I take the necessary precaution, such as storing the film in the platic canister, and not remove it immedately after you take it out of the refrigerator.

    - it is always better to finish up the film as soon as possible.

    - if I have shot the first half roll at a different ISO setting than the rated (for push processing), I would write that down somewhere, so that I can contunie using the same setting for the rest of the roll. I have not heard of the avalability of mid-roll push processing service!

    - it is my film, my money, and therefore my decision to either keep the half roll of film for later use or just send the roll for processing and waste the remaining un-exposed film. If I am on assignement with a deadline to submit my work, I am not going to tell my client to wait for a week or two until I finish the entire roll of film to save some cost.

    All the other discussions are kind of off topic, so I will not do a summary here.
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    fantastic from film storage question to analog slr vs digital slr debate.

    hands down .

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