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Thread: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

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    Default Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    Hi fellow cs-ers , I have a doubt to clarify. It is regarding shooting landscape shots with a tripod, hope experienced users in this area can give me some advice.

    For non-tripod work I would usually use auto focus. However I am wondering for landscapes shots on the tripod, should I use manual focus or 'wide' AF or specific point AF mode to get the optimal background/foreground focus.

    Also, if MF/specific point AF is better, then where should i focus on? say for example I'm shooting sunset aiming the sea. Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    I leave it to MF, and focal length to infinity. That way, everything captured is sharp.

    Not forgetting the Aperture, my rule of thumb is 8 and above, and depends on what you want to capture.
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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    I like MF.
    But I think some lenses don't have a hard stop at infinity focus. Makes it difficult.
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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    on canon camera there is A-DEP, can use that if not sure.
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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    i af when af can do the work. for landscapes unless somehow the af catches focus wrongly, i find af quick and easy.

    as to the second query u can look up the concept of hyperfocal distance especially if ur lens supports distance scales. Else i usually place focus roughly 1/3 into the scene and shoot at smaller apertures (this is coming from a person who shoots when time for setting up a tripod can be a premium .. )


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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    i use af.

    unless i need hyperfocal distance due to extreme depth of field needed to keep everything sharp..

    alternatively, i use mf when i use a nd110, because cannot use af with that filter over the lens.

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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    AF is adequate enough for me.

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    Default Re: Landscape shots: MF vs AF

    wow thanks for overwhelming response.. i'm really thankful for all the input! it seems that most of the users here use AF unless under difficult scenarios.


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