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Thread: lost my D300s hotshoe

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    Lords changed name to iPhoto, still along the same stretch of shops at Lucky Plaza.

    Back to the topic, as stated, u can get the hot-shoe cover at Cathay Photo for $4 each, gotten a few of them myself from there too.

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    Default Re: lost my D300s hotshoe

    Well, the way some amateurs protect their gears is beyond comprehension. It is as if their gear is so darn fragile like "taohoo" or brittle glass.

    In the other extreme, some pros, especially those on company account, would abuse and batter their gear so much so that it looks like having gone thru 2 warzones after just merely 6months of use.

    but most of us are just somewhere in-between.
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    Default Re: lost my D300s hotshoe

    Our very own mass sales sells one for $3.50. Still thinking whether to get it....

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    Default Re: lost my D300s hotshoe

    Quote Originally Posted by ZerocoolAstra View Post

    image from

    is what a hotshoe looks like...
    How do you lose that?

    Anyway, the hotshoe cover is quite easy to get, but not worth it in my opinion.
    I tossed mine in my dry cabinet. Otherwise everytime I want to mount my ext flash I gotta remove and store this piece of plastic...
    The Nikon one fits Canon too...
    Quote Originally Posted by geekbrains View Post
    LOL, for a moment I thought you dropped your camera and broke your hot shoe..It's just the d...ed plastic hot shoe cover. There are a plenty of OEM available (Some with even a nice spirit level) and the original BS-1 aint one expensive stuff either.
    sorry, its the cover..not hotshoe...

    Quote Originally Posted by Leong23 View Post
    TK photo also have stock, S$3.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fotophilic View Post
    this is quite an expensive piece of plastic that can be bought at many retailers.

    i don't think a little water on the hotshoe can cause the whole camera to be dead. the hotshoe cover does not render the hotshoe contacts water-resistant anyway. where did u get that info from?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snoweagle View Post
    I bought 2 pieces of Nikon's BS-1 accessory shoe cover for both my 5D and LX3 some time back. Got it from CP Peninsula Plaza at $4 each.

    Alternatively, u can get it at Lord's Camera at Lucky Plaza at $3 each but they're always out-of-stock. Therefore i paid $1 more and get it faster at CP.
    Got it from CP at $4.
    Oh heard from someone..maybe he meant to be a joke and i took it seriously till i lost mine.. ha

    Thanks to all who had contributed to this thread.. closing it now. thanks again.
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