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Thread: Another "Interesting" Experience at AP

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    i got my lexar 1gb from there at a normal price.. at the time was 465...

    i just sauntered in and said i want a lexar 1gb. no pls no thanx no nothing.

    fella look at me, said nothing, get the card and asked "cash?"

    i said yeah, paid and FOed... total time taken: 3.5 mins

    i had a pretty big camera bag with me i guess.. and i didn't sound like i was gonna hang around and play with their toys.

    anyway.. just reiterating my experience.. no good or bad in my experience, but yeah i've heard bad stuff about them too...

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    Never like to shop at AP.
    Price can change if you approach different saleman.
    Sometimes same saleman but different day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazer
    Yeah, definitely look for the Old birds there ( I too have a regular Salesmen ).They know u are serious buyers and give u good quotes. The news guys very blur one then they like to over quote u on the first go ( damm stupid one ) ...But seriously do your check first .. most likely u can get good deals there. I much prefer there to CP ( bad experience )
    I was served by the new bird when I went to buy a Sigma 500DG Super in Jan, tall young boy with spec for my Canon 10D body. That new bird mount a nikon flash on top of my 10D body and fire off, of course don't work. Then he goes around saying I should bring my 10D for repair as there is nothing wrong with his flashlight. Then I asked him, since when did Nikon Mount flash works with Canon Body, he can even argue they are the same hotshoe so they can mount on each other.... whahahahahahaha...... if that is so, why come up with two different hotshoe mount .... .LOL. Then even want to charge me $390 for the flash. Luckily, one of the other salesperson who I had bought things from recongise me and give me the market price. ok slightly higher then market price, but Canon mount DG super hard to find so have buy it lor ......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cash
    knowing the price before hand is one thing, i agree. But randomly quoting above RSP and hoping a naive customer/newbie would fall for it is IMO poor business form.
    Exactly! It makes you wonder how many carrot heads have been chopped through the same technique ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cash
    i have paid my fair dues in paying "school fees" to these photo vendors..and honestly i wish them all the bad.
    Me too. The above experience reminds me of my purchase of my first SLR 10 yrs ago at chinatown area ... that time kenna chop really big time ...

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    i always get at AP
    and i always look for the same guy
    who'd give me a good price.

    i know when i go CP and buy always kena chop about $50 but well, no choice sometimes. AP no stock.

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