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Thread: See what others can't

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    Default Who's not having a full time job?

    Just wondering how many in this forum's not running a full time job, and would wanna become a freelance photographer's asst... Serious enthusiast only...

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    I would be free for the next few weeks, if I can make some cash out of being an assistant, I don't mind.

    PM me if you're looking for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minoxman
    Photography is not physics, not maths and not biology. How much theory does one need? The only technique that seemed to work well for old masters were that they put their eyes, soul and shutter in every frame. What theory did Capa ultilised in his war chronicles? What theory did HCB display in his street work? Eugene Smith was a darkroom addict no doubt and a master printer to that.
    Im not a genius and Im not saying Im good. So don't assume. I am just saying one don't need the lastest tech or what theories ave you to make stuffs work...stuffs that impact, that last for generations.

    The only theory one really needs is shutter spped, aperture, format and light...and passion and devotion to the subjects one cared for and lots of shooting.

    Not rocket science. Obviously not everyone will think the same. Fine with me. Just my views. Have it your way.

    I am sure there are people in here who will totally agrees with your statement. And of cos, everyone is entitled to speak their mind.
    Somehow you have projected the impression that photographers from the "good old days" are better then those around these days for they are able to deliver great shots even without our latest tech and equipments.
    Where the old masters' skills and passion is more than enough to produce good works.

    Well, to a certain extend, I do agree with you. A good photographer must have good understanding of several factors in photography.
    However, photographers these days, not merely commercial photographers, are adapting and changing with the trend. I am not saying that all photographers in the market are digital based due to lack of understanding in photography skills. Where even if they were to "screw up" in a shoot, DI can help to recuse. But I am sure alot of the guys here understands that clients these days are requesting for digital photography.
    And there are far too many great works and ads running in the market which are shot by photographers who uses digital platform. Try telling them that their works are actually not that great if it wasn't for those DI people.

    Its merely moving along with the trend. I started photography during those days where everyone believes E6 is GOD. I have my fair share of sweating in the darkroom for many hours as well. Today, I am a digital person. So does it makes me a lousy and lazy photographer? And I would dare to say, digital photography is not merely knowing how to click and let PS do the rest. Its not as easy as alot of people thinks it is. Those who started with E6 will understand that digital does makes our life easier in term of time.

    Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying the "old Masters" are far better than photographers these days; nor am I saying that the "new photographers" are just plain pampered by technology. We are merely moving along with changes. I totally agree that understanding of the camera and the passion for photography is very important. However, it takes more those those factors these days to be a good photographer.

    Think about it... those "old masters" will still have to learn new technology in order to stay in buiness.

    Hope I have not offended you and I see where you are coming from. I hope you can understand too that certain changes are for the better and with changes, new theories are inedvitable.

    CHEERS and happy shooting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pointblankshots
    Yup, the effort is really modern age, from digital illustration as well as photography. Can't disclose how I did it though, I'll leave it to one's imagination. Well, that's what I did too, imagine, see the reality and got it executed.... The concept wasn't mine I stressed again, but by the wonderful agency that came out with it. My role, was to get the reality of the beauty.

    Here's my take on how the magic was done.

    1.The water droplets seem to be flying up quite high, meaning that the jet of water used needed to be of relatively high pressure.
    Either that or the photo was originally taken at an angle or even upside down so that the splashes of water would automatically be in the downward direction due to gratity. The pix is then rotated in the so that the water seemed like they splahed with great force.

    2. As per pic, the green boundary is the actual container for the shot.
    Pic was shot from only one side.
    The mirror image is just flipped horizontally later.

    3. I believe liquid used is also just plain water.
    Colour is just added in later.

    4. LOTS and LOTS of shots were taken, and finally 2 whose boundaries seem to fit nicely were chosen.

    Hehe, just my humble take.
    Damn, how did you first think up of the tachnique?!?!

    - Bob

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    Default Good Thinking

    Water was shot as per gravity pull. To be able to shoot water in contrast would require experience to start with. The glass shot, though round has no reflection of myself in it. Go think about it, it has nothing to do with retouching for the basic 'must get' shot. The water shot which is separately shot in another glass container, must have no bad reflection. Briefly, the fundamentals of lighting/strobe control is crucial here. The calculation of the depth of field as the image will be use for posters to 3m X 6m, the shutter to capture fast and also blur images. Photographic theories are important, with that armed, the photographer will have all it takes to think and execute...

    K k, guys... if you guys have another outdoor session elsewhere, and if time permits, I'll be willing to meet you guys up for a pointer or two in the future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureflow
    yo bro, i just want you to know that some of the outdoor photoshoots, most of organisers dont like us (pro photog) to be there to spoil the market. I just wanted to point out to you.
    Yeah loh Andy, dun spoil market.
    Pointblankshots just said he wanted to share his experience with us newbies and you got to chap in!

    But I gotta agree with Andy, in a big group like that there are different level of photo enthusiasts.
    So some might just be happy at their current level.

    Think if pointblankshots really dun mind investing his time with us, we could set up a private shoot with serious learners only so that we wun waste his time.

    But of coz no stress lah yeah pointblankshots.
    Understand that as a pro photog, time is pretty much not on your side.

    But if you ever guest star in any of these shoots, I for one will be there yeah.

    Sion, I believe you'll be there too?
    (If you're based in Sg that is.....)

    - Bob

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureflow
    yo bro, i just want you to know that some of the outdoor photoshoots, most of organisers dont like us (pro photog) to be there to spoil the market. I just wanted to point out to you.
    Dun worry la Andy, the only time the organisers shouldn't worry at all. Yup, somebody said it, most are happy where they are and will not bother or even care about our 'professional status'. Here's to the organisers. We ain't here to show who's better in the trade really... Just popping by to happy to know that photography has brought life to the many others... Just a thought...

    guys guys, I'm no guest star... Just another who carried photography to the next level, & many out there would too, if given a chance...
    Last edited by pointblankshots; 12th April 2004 at 08:50 PM.

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    I wouldn't wanna turn up for any of their organized events jo, dun wanna be public enemy number one boy... No meaning for us anyway... the level of learning is not the same for us.....

    Well, I wouldn't organise anything at all really... I'm not capable of it... The organisers will do a much better job... The guys taking the courses from them are in good hands I'm sure...

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    Default Studio for rent

    Thought of letting you guys utilise my studio should you need space to work. Fully commercial studio, 03 X 1000 strobes, 02 X 1500 strobes, 04 X 500 strobes. About ten backdrops, pretty spacious about 1700 sq ft. Well, more than that, props and stuffs. My studio's smack in town. Boat quay...

    For a fee of course, like SGD 300 for half day, and SGD 500 for a full day, including either myself, my partner or my assistant, whoever is free for the day. No restrictions as to how many photographers, so long you guys can figure out your own time slots... All of us are full time commercial photographers, we'll probably can guide professionally as you commence your shoot.

    A Phase One system hook up on a Mamiya body will be set up to show you how high end digital photography works in the studio if time permits...

    Hair/make-up & models can be arranged at an affordable rate. Should you guys doubt if we can guide you along, we'll show you our work and you'll decide from there. However, this is not a studio photography class.

    Any takers?

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