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    Default Cheap mobile studio

    with reference to these threads

    achiever 260T flash $38
    akarui slave trigger $18
    impact accessories light stand $38
    umbrella $35
    umbrella adaptor $40+

    1 set of these would cost around $170

    how would 4 sets of these compare to a 300w light?
    4 sets is around $700. the 300w light, with its stand and diffuser/umbrella should also cost around the same

    how much power does the 4 flashes produce combined in terms of wattage?

    i am thinking that with 4 flashes, i have more freedom to place them so create effects, remove shadows, etc

    any opinions on this cheap mobile studio concept?

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    but perhaps your key light wont be enough as you seem to be spreading thin. 4 lights all over the place wont be a powerful as one light sourse as key light... and it also depends on the appertures you want to work at.

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    did a bit of calulation.
    each of these flashes gives around 40w to 50w of light
    4 of these total to 160w to 200w, much lesser than 300w

    300w light can hit iso100 at what sperature?
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    I think your 300W light will cost a lot more, and you don't have the benefit of secondary lighting (eg fill in shadows, hair light etc). Don't forget you'll need to get a softbox for the 300W light, as well as a much sturdier stand. It will also be much less portable, and you will need an electrical power point. I brought my setup to an outdoor location (stadium) to shoot. With the STE-2 and a couple of 420EX flashes replacing the cheap ones, exposure was a breeze - fully automatic.

    If you need more light, you can always use an outdoor shaded location. The sun is much more than 300W.


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