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Thread: Restoring old photos

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    Default Restoring old photos

    Found a huge stack of old photos belonging to my parents when they were younger while we were packing for moving earlier this year.

    These were prob taken in the 60s -80s.

    Can anyone recommend how I can go about restoring them? I wouldnt mind doing it myself if I knew how haha.

    Any tips would be great.

    Thank you!

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    A good editing software would help, as would knowing the exact condition of the photographs. Depending in the degree of damage and how they were stored might give you an idea of how sturdy, or delicate they might be now. Close physical inspection follows and then the decision to scan (and how, if the damage is intensive, or the paper is delicate) or repo.

    From there, it's endless hours of DI work.

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    Default Re: Restoring old photos

    I'm on the same mission of getting my photos from pre-digital era into digital copies and restore them... unfortunately, all the emulsion on the negative film has broken down. Anyone has any scanner to recommend to effectively scan the tons of 3R and 4R photos? auto feeder will be great

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    As an addon to the previous post; any recommendation for printed photos &/or negatives?

    I am not sure if the photos can tahan an autofeeder but i guess thats a good idea


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