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Thread: Newbie question on night shots

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    Originally posted by megaweb
    some tips of taking nite shot using a DC

    - use a stable tripod
    - use remote control / timer mode
    - compose a few test shots to check the exposure
    (use apeture settings like f/5.6 , f/8 and shutter speed 4-16 sec)
    - always use M mode
    Sorry for being ignorant but how do u check the exposure...
    the LCD is rather small to really note the exposure or
    issit to look at the small itsy little exposure graph?

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    By using the M mode, you actually tell the camera what to do by dialling in the shutter speed and aperture value you desire. These will show on your LCD panel. For night outings, unless your LCD has a backlight, I would recommend to bring a small maglite along.

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    ic... ic... Thanx all for replying!!!
    appreciate ya help!!!

    will practise more shots!!!

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